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We regularly conduct workplace investigations for the public sector, private employers, and educational institutions. 


Our attorneys work closely with our clients so that each investigation is handled professionally and is right-sized for the issue presented.


We are experienced and adept at analyzing evidence, assessing party and witness credibility, and providing well-substantiated factual findings. Our reports are comprehensive and easy to read. We also work with our clients to ensure that the format of the report is appropriate for its needs, whether a full report, memorandum of issues presented, or board synopsis.


Most important, our reports are designed to provide our clients with the critical information they need to address the issue at hand once the investigation is complete.


 Our investigation experience includes claims involving:


  • Discrimination (all protected classes)

  • Harassment (all protected classes)

  • Retaliation

  • Bullying

  • Whistleblower complaints

  • Management concerns

  • Matters that fall under the POBR and FBOR

  • Policy violations

  • Workplace climate surveys/assessments

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