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Partner, AWI-CH

Alison Winter


Workplace, Education, and Title IX Investigations
Responsive | Thorough | Impartial

Alison is skilled at conducting prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations. She investigates complaints for public entities, private employers, and schools from K-8 through university-level education. Alison consistently provides her clients with thoughtful factual and legal analyses on a wide variety of employment and education matters, including Title IX investigations. Alison manages complex and sensitive fact patterns and situations, involving multiple complainants or respondents. Her investigations involve a wide array of participants, including employees from entry-level to management-level, elected officials, and minor children.


Prior to concentrating on investigations and training, Alison’s practice emphasized employment and public entity matters, focusing on harassment, retaliation, and discrimination issues including conducting trainings in the education setting. Alison litigated employment matters on behalf of both employees and employers, providing a unique perspective allowing her to approach every investigation with impartiality. Alison is a Co-Convener of the Association of Workplace Investigators’ Sacramento Local Circle.

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